Hosting mining equipment

Placement of ASIC devices in a specialized data center
Hosting of hardware starts from 6500 RUB/Month
We guarantee the safety of your equipment
Data center modules are equipped with a monitoring system for ASICs, video surveillance and temperature sensors
The data center is located on the territory of a high-security facility, which is under round-the-clock security and equipped with a comprehensive security system
Your equipment is accepted for safe custody under the contract, under an act with a list of serial numbers
Cost of hardware hosting
Whatsminer M32s 60Th
11000 RUB/month
Antminer S19 pro 105Th
10400 RUB/month
Antminer S19 pro 100Th
10400 RUB/month
Antminer S19 95Th
10400 RUB/month
Antminer S19 90Th
10400 RUB/month
Antminer T19 84Th
10000 RUB/month
Antminer S17 pro 56Th
7300 RUB/month
Antminer S17 pro 53Th
7000 RUB/month
Antminer S17 pro 50Th
6500 RUB/month
Antminer S17 56Th
7900 RUB/month
Antminer S17 53Th
7600 RUB/month
Antminer T17+ 61Th
9400 RUB/month
Antminer T17+ 58Th
9000 RUB/month
Antminer T17 42Th
7300 RUB/month
Antminer T17 40Th
7000 RUB/month
Innosilicon T3+ 57Th
9400 RUB/month
Innosilicon T3H 50Th
10400 RUB/month
Innosilicon T2TZ 36Th
9900 RUB/month
Innosilicon T2TH 32Th
8800 RUB/month
Innosilicon T2TZ 30Th
7000 RUB/month
Whatsminer M32 66Th
11000 RUB/month
Whatsminer M31 78Th
11300 RUB/month
Whatsminer M20s 65Th
9900 RUB/month
Avalon 1246 85Th
10700 RUB/month
Avalon 1246 90Th
11 100 RUB/month
Avalon 1066 pro 55Th
10400 RUB/month
Avalon 1066 50Th
10200 RUB/month
Whatsminer M21s 58Th
10700 RUB/month
Whatsminer M21s 56Th
10400 RUB/month
Whatsminer M21s 50Th
10000 RUB/month
The data center is built on the site of the gas turbine power plant “Tereshkovskaya”
The data center consists of block modules based on shipping containers which provide uninterrupted equipment operation and high reliability. This approach allows to organize efficient cooling of each unit, which significantly prolongs the life of equipment.
Price of electricity (including VAT)
3.5 RUB/kWh
Electro energy power used
17 MWh
Data center area
6000 m2
Amount of free electric power
50 MWh
Total data center power
67 MWh
Number of available places to connect
33 000
Professional solutions
For data center arrangement we use 40-foot containers for industrial mining.
The container has a capacity of 300 ASICs of the Antminer S19/S17/T17, Innosilicon T3 or 600 Anminer S9. The module is fully autonomous and remotely controlled via web application.
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Why should you place your equipment at Umnus data center?
Regular maintenance of equipment
You do not need to take care of the equipment serviceability, specialists monitor every device and perform planned maintenance, which means that you won't waste money on the downtime and you won't need to fill your head with technical information
Any power volume and no power outages
You will forget about the problem of power shortages, power outages and electricity price rises. Data center will provide any necessary power at a fixed price
24-hour equipment security
You can be sure about the safety of the equipment. You can rely on 24-hour security and remote CCTV.
К24-hour support service
We monitor the operation of the equipment 24/7/365. The malfunctions are identified and fixed in a timely manner. Hence downtime is reduced and you get a stable income.
No overheating
In case you place your devices in the area, which isn't equipped for mining, you have to spend money on additional cooling and constant overheating causes failures of equipment
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Mining hotel
Too noisy? Does it take too much electricity to run a farm? Can't find a space for equipment? You are not the first to face these and other problems. It's not a problem for owners of private houses to bring equipment to their garage, however residents of apartment houses usually have no choice.
So mining hotels in Moscow are quite a relevant solution, which is in high demand. Instead of the guests there are farms consisting of graphics cards and ASICs. The only thing you have to do is to pay a reasonably priced rent and power cost.
The mining hotels are equipped with all of the essentials needed:
  • stable high-speed internet connection;
  • ventilation and air-conditioning system;
  • reliable supply of electricity.
The miner has to take only two steps: to rent one's equipment in the hotel and create a bitcoin wallet to store extracted cryptocurrency.
What requirements should mining hotels meet?
Naturally, it isn't enough to place a hardware in a soundproof room so not to disturb anybody.
  • Constant connection to the power grid and continuous monitoring by specialists is also required. Internal system of a building has to be ready to be exposed to high loads. You cannot rely on the standard system which is used in residential apartment buildings.
  • Proper indoor climate is important. Cryptocurrency mining equipment can fail quickly indoors where it is too hot and/or humidity is high. To avoid this it is necessary to maintain the temperature at a constant level (no more than 22 °C) and make sure that the building is well ventilated.
  • One of the primary tasks is also to ensure fire safety of a building in general and of equipment in particular. This requires the installation of an automated fire suppression system and the elimination of possibility of a human error.
The mining hotel of our company fully meets all these requirements. We make sure every contract and payment terms are clear and specific, we invite you to get a preliminary tour of our data center and we guarantee the safety of your equipment!

At the dawn of the “era of cryptocurrency” it was enough to obtain an average power PC for mining, then more powerful graphics cards for gaming became necessary. Furthermore, operations kept getting more complex. Today it is not so easy to extract cryptocurrency because special, quite powerful computer facilities are required.

In general, a lot of things have changed over the past few years, including the attitude towards mining, it has grown into a serious and very large business. Hence, it raises quite logical questions:

  • Where should you place noisy equipment that emits a large amount of heat (especially if there are a number of them)?
  • How can you ensure sufficient processing power without having to worry about the reliability of systems?
  • Who is able to provide the proper level of safety for such an expensive equipment?

Our company has a turnkey solution for any problem: our data center.

Who can benefit from our data center?

Data center is a high-tech protected site designed for mining equipment of various companies and individuals. Such solutions are especially relevant for bitcoin mining organizations. Data centers should be considered as turnkey solutions that ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

In addition, our offer is beneficial to everyone because of the attractive price for electricity — only 3 rubles per kW/hour. To sum up, the most profitable terms of ASICs hosting in Moscow are at Umnus!