Repair mining equipment with warranty

We guarantee the equipment's operation
Certified and experienced specialists in repair of ASIC mining equipment by various manufacturers
We are using only new original components for repairing
We provide free diagnostics and replace faulty motherboard within 5 minutes
Equipment repair cost
Antminer S9 i/j
from RUB 1,300
Antminer S17
from RUB 2,000
Antminer T9+ / L3+
from RUB 1,300
Antminer S17
8,456 RUB/month
Programmer Firmware Upgrade
RUB 1,300
Whatsminer M20S
8,456 RUB/month
We repair equipment of all popular manufacturers
Power Supply Chain Failure
In most cases, your ASIC malfunction is due to hash board power supply chains damage. With increasing loads on the power grid the probability of voltage surges also increases, which can lead to malfunction
Chips are not detected
One of the most common problems is chip failure. Chips get the biggest workload, it is chips that enable you to add Bitcoins. Most of the service centers use refurbished or used chips.
ASIC won’t turn on
The control board controls not only the hash boards performance, but it controls the entire process from switching on to testing and mining. The controller accounts for this process and often fails due to frequent reboots or repeatedly applied loads
ASIC got infected with a virus
An infected ASIC connects to another pool and starts sending the reward to the hacker's wallet. These viruses will not let you reset configuration and change the address to your own. We cure any ASIC viruses and resume hardware operations
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Have you ever faced such problems as:

  • low hash rate;
  • chips not recognized by hardware;
  • ASIC won’t turn on;
  • smell of burning wires?

If you're reading this then the answer is likely yes. The most important thing in situations like these is not to try to fix the issue on your own, but to leave it to professionals.

How do we work?

Equipment repair of any complexity begins with diagnostics, and mining equipment repair is no exception. Typically, firmware allows you to identify the type of malware in the shortest possible time. However, it is not always that easy to detect the type of malware, that is why our experts perform a thorough analysis before repair work.

The malware can be one of the most common ones, for example: overheating, chips failure, corrupted connectors. In any case, standard operating procedures is as follows:

  • diagnostics and accurate malfunction detection;
  • efficiency restoration;
  • replacement of inoperable components using original parts;
  • equipment performance examination.

Chips failure is one of the most common problems. They are placed in sequence, which leads to the blocking of other elements. Our engineers first check boards, identify damaged ones and replace them with the new ones.

We use exclusively original components, ensure the equipment operational integrity in a timely manner (within a few minutes or a few days, depending on the complexity of the malware), and offer guarantee for all repair work.